Zapp i300: this electric scooter accelerates as hard as a Tesla

Presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Zapp electric scooter displays exceptional performance.

The Zapp i300 is hardly new to the electric scooter world. Announced since 2017, the British two-wheeler is talking about him again on the occasion of the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival where the manufacturer has formalized the opening of reservations.

Little but strong !

Classified in the 125 electric category, the Zapp electric scooter is distinguished by its record performance. Driven by a 7.2 kW electric motor capable of developing up to 14 kW peak (19 hp), the i300 announces a rather mind-blowing torque: up to 587 Nm at the wheel. Enough to promise record performance. The brand claims a 0 to 75 km/h shot in 2.2 seconds and a 0 to 100 km/h (its maximum speed) achieved in 4.8 seconds. By way of comparison, a BMW CE 04 performs the same exercise in 9.1 seconds and a Tesla Model 3 in 4.4 seconds in its long-range dual-motor version.

At the battery level, the characteristics are much more classic. Like many models on the market, the electric scooter uses removable batteries. Two packs of 1.44 kWh (2.88 kWh in total) are on board the machine and offer a range of around 90 km with a charge.

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From €6,300

Equipped with disc brakes, disc brakes and adjustable shock absorbers, the Zapp i300 will be manufactured in Thailand using components from around the world (including in particular from Great Britain). It can be reserved now on the manufacturer’s website for an initial payment of €100. If they remain more expensive than a thermal equivalent, the prices remain reasonable for the category.

Before deduction of purchase bonuses, count €6,300 for the basic “Ocean” version, which uses recycled plastics. Equipped with carbon fiber elements, the “Bio & Carbon” version is available from.

Having become commonplace among manufacturers, a “Launch Edition” version is also available. Characterized by its white and red bodywork, its numbered plate and its carbon elements, it is displayed at €8,900. Limited to 1,000 copies, it should be the first to be delivered by the manufacturer.

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