YouTubers transform a Model 3 into an assault tank!

The Tesla Model 3 is an electric sedan designed for the city above all. Nevertheless, German Youtubers have decided to modify the flagship car of the American manufacturer accordingly for off-roading. The result ? A truly monstrous tracked tank.

Credits: The Real Life Guys

For now, Tesla has never really made electric cars designed for off-roading. The Cybertruck will be able to meet that demand to some extent, but Tesla’s futuristic electric pickup isn’t expected until 2023, when it goes into production.

Never mind, German Youtubers from The Real Life Guys channel have decided to modify a Tesla Model 3 long, wide and across. The result is rather surprising, since the electric sedan looks straight out of George Miller’s Mad Max. It’s simple, the car now looks like a all terrain tank, which is absolutely not homologated for driving on the road by the way.

They turn a Tesla Model 3 into a tank!

This juggernaut offers an impressive ground clearance of 31.5″, which is 26″ longer than the original Model 3. To do this, the four wheels were removed in favor of two caterpillars, each weighing a whopping 1.3 tonnes! It took a long month of work to achieve this result. The whole process is also visible on video. The opportunity for spectators to see the workload accomplished on the welds on the enormous steel structure necessary for the installation of the tank-shaped tracks.

We also note that the videographers have grafted a heavy-duty winch on the front of the Model 3. Thanks to this tool, the vehicle/tank is capable of pulling up to six tons! After this video centered around the design of this monster, Youtubers count well illustrate the off-road capabilities of their tracked Model 3 in an upcoming video. Moreover, they want to be extremely confident, so much so that they even invited Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, to come and try the beast. For the moment, the invitation has remained unanswered, but who knows, it is indeed the kind of experience that the boss of Twitter loves.

As a reminder, some users rather prefer to tweak the computer of their Tesla rather than transforming it into an assault tank. A few days ago, a hacker managed to install Apple CarPlay in his Tesla. He also revealed his method to circumvent the restrictions imposed by the American manufacturer.

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