YouTube: Apple places a video in the top 10 most viewed advertising clips

Apple’s ‘Escape from the Office’ commercial has made it into the top 10 most-watched commercials on YouTube in the past 12 months. This ranking is published on the occasion of the International Festival of Creativity – the Cannes Lions – which starts today, it celebrates the marketing and advertising industry.

This long ad (almost 9 min), broadcast since March 2021, has so far recorded 34.2 million views. It (re) features a group of colleagues who free themselves from the heaviness and vicissitudes of working in a large company, to create a product with the means at hand and those of Apple’s hardware and software ecosystem.

There is a certain irony in the statement when, in reality, the brand only opened up to teleworking under pressure from its employees and continues to defend an organization in which the face-to-face takes precedence. The first episode of this ad – the joys of teleworking – was released in the midst of a pandemic, summer 2020.

The Underdogs back, this time to start a business and a paper bag full of Apple products

Far, far ahead, Samsung takes first place on the podium with 102.3 million views for a very classic clip, announcing what was going to be its next Galaxy special event. In between are ads for Switzerland (with Roger Federer and Anne Hathaway), Omega, Amazon, the Squid Games series, the Turkish national airline and Nissan.

This clip from Apple has however already been doubled by another from Apple, that of the MacBook Air M2. The video currently has 40 million views since it was uploaded just 15 days ago. A sign perhaps of a very high expectation for this flagship laptop?


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