You can have Apple CarPlay in your Tesla (unofficially)

You can now have Apple’s CarPlay in your Tesla…provided you use the unofficial method offered by Polish developer Michał Gapiński. Officially, the car manufacturer does not offer Apple’s solution, but a Raspberry Pi allows you to have it.

Commented to see CarPlay in his Tesla

Michał Gapiński’s hack relies on running CarPlay from a custom version of Android, which he originally installed on a Raspberry Pi connected to his Tesla. The project was still in its infancy in January and the developer had promised to go public “when it’s ready”. This is precisely the case today with the availability of Tesla Android.

Tesla Android brings a customized version of Google’s operating system to your car, allowing you to use Apple CarPlay as well as ScanMyTesla, an app that allows Tesla owners to access vehicle logs directly from their vehicle.

The solution is to use a Rasberry Pi with a 4G modem and Wi-Fi access point, running custom Android-based firmware, along with a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable and an Ethernet cable. As shown in the video on YouTube, the on-board browser is used to connect to the Rasberry Pi and bring up the CarPlay interface on the Tesla’s screen, where Apple apps including Maps and Apple Music work as expected. The system works while driving and can also be controlled using the Tesla’s steering wheel media buttons.

Of course, the ideal would be to have a native system. But Apple and Tesla do not seem to find an agreement, which is a shame for drivers who have an iPhone.

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