Why is the Match group, owner of Tinder and Meeting, suing Google?

Faced with the threat of being excluded from PlayStore in June, the Match group will try to have Google bend before a US federal court.

The group Match, has established itself for several years as the world leader in dating applications. It has, among other things, the software Tinder, Meetic and Hinge.

However, this Monday May 9Match Groupe has chosen to sue the giant Google for “abuse of dominant position”.

But why ?

Google stands out as the champion of the digital distribution of applications, via its platform Play store. And as reported by Les ├ęchos, the group Match criticizes it for taking advantage of this position to impose its payment solution, by which it collects commission, which could be between 15% and 30%.

However, Google announced in 2020 that it was leaving until June 2022 applications present on Play Store to adapt to their new rule: only payment by Google will be authorized. In the event of non-compliance, the applications will be removed from the Play Store.

The Match group, which has been offering its own payment solution for years, does not accept this constraint, saying “held ostage” by Google.

What a difference ?

According to Match Group, using its own payment solution allows it more great flexibility, in particular on the implementation of promotional offers. In addition, controlling the payment allows the collection of valuable data on users, which can then be exploited for commercial purposes.

Spotify favored

Match Group also denounced the fact that the music platform Spotify was about to start a “pilot program” with Google, aiming to use new payment systems.

The Match group therefore complained: “Just as Google is ending Match Group’s historic ability to offer users a choice of payment systems, it’s giving Spotify the opportunity to do so for the first time, while denying other requests to join because the concept is “too new”.

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