Why don’t Teslas run on hydrogen?

They have represented the car of the future for 10 years, Teslas are electric but forget hydrogen, and Elon Musk has something to do with it.

From first to defend the electric car, Elon Musk has put all his strength and fortune into the Tesla project to green the sector. But strangely, he does not weigh his words against hydrogen, yet a serious alternative to thermal cars.

The boss of Tesla is against!

The electric car versus hydrogen is an aberration for him. “They are are absurd. It’s difficult to produce hydrogen, store it and use it in a car “ he said in a conference in January 2015. “It’s half the efficiency, it’s mediocre, why do that, it doesn’t make sense” continued the South African, “the ideal hydrogen fuel cell does not win against current batteries. And it will be even more obvious in the years to come. ».

Annoyed at being questioned and debating on the issue, he now limits himself to puns à la Donald Trump. In 2020, it combined fuel cells (“fuel cell” in English) to “fool sells” (salesman of nonsense).

The boss of VW too!

To reinforce his deep conviction, take his admirer copying his style and his media outlets: the CEO of Volkswagen. “Green hydrogen is needed for steel, chemicals, aviation, and shouldn’t end up in cars” said Herbert Diess in February 2021 on Twitterconsidering hydrogen far too expensive, inefficient, slow, difficult to transform and transport ».

The German boss thus breaks with hydrogen development, now canceled at Audi. A h-tron concept car was exhibited in 2016, and until 2020 some executives were still announcing a future small series.

Hydrogen is evolving, why change your mind?

Battery-related electric car technology is advancing rapidly. Autonomy is always greater, rapid recharge times are reduced, and efficiency increases. But hydrogen too, despite the few manufacturers involved (Toyota, Hyundai, etc.).

The H2 and its fuel cell are advancing rapidly, whether in terms of autonomy or environmental impact. To be green, hydrogen must come from a clean process. The best solution is electrolysis via wind or solar electricity, developing stronglydespite Musk who considered this option inefficient.

Still not very suitable for cars, because of a high price, hydrogen could have its place in large vehicles. He is appreciated in trucks, where several manufacturers are involved including Nikola or Gaussin. For professionals, fast refueling is also a major asset to save time. Hydrogen trucks will thus be able to compete with the Tesla Semi, 100% electricbut at the not-yet-concrete 1 GW “Megacharger” terminals.

Elon Musk is no doubt watching this closely, and could why not change your mind if the tide turns towards hydrogen. Tesla also forgets utilities, where Stellantis unveiled vans, and Renault its Hyvia.

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