We tried charging on an Electra station in Megane E-Tech

During our test of the Renault Megane E-Tech we tried the Electra terminals at the Mobility Village located at 92 Rue du Port, 93300 Aubervilliers.

Presentation of the Startup and terminals

Created by the startup Electra, the station was set up in December 2021.

On this station, you will find at your disposal fast charging stations ranging from 150 to 300kW. The station has 4 places even if when we arrived there were hardly any places left, which proves its effectiveness!

To take a break…

In the surroundings you have a few steps away from a café managed by the Mobility Village to allow you to take a break during recharging as well as another recharging point operated by Freshmile oriented more for professionals.


The place

The positioning of the terminals in the Aubervilliers station seems very tight compared to the frequency of users and professionals would be better able to use this charging station near Paris.

The rates

For payment, once you are parked next to the terminal, you must download the Electra application or use a charging pass from platforms such as plug surfing or chargemap. It’s quite intuitive and you can even use contactless to make your purchase.

For the price Electra uses rates well below its competitors: count 44ct per kW which allows you to recharge quickly and on top of that at a lower cost!

Note that a security deposit of €29 is made exactly as when you take gasoline from an autonomous pump. So don’t panic, you will pay exactly what you use.

Our experience

Charging our red Megane E-Tech on an Electra charging station

Unfortunately we were not able to take advantage of the Electra experience, which is pursuing its deployment objectives with stations throughout France such as Beaunes, Boursidière or even Maureaupa, Portola.

During our test we took the wrong terminal because we were pressed for time and we lacked information to understand it. We were able to connect our vehicle, without an alert on the terminal or our mobile reaching us.

Our opinion

The place is close to Paris, there is good value for money according to the reviews we were able to get near the station, but the place seems quite difficult to access for a vehicle as new as our Megane E-tech. . Nevertheless, it is a clear improvement for electric vehicle users and it proves to us the efficiency of charging station installations everywhere in France!

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