VIDEO – He loses the brakes of his Tesla Model S Plaid at more than 270 km/h

Cheyenne Lord of the Youtube channel Chillin with Chet changed the braking system of his Model S Plaid because he did not find it efficient enough. Unfortunately, neither did the new one: his brakes failed at more than 270 km/h while he was driving on the circuit.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is unquestionably one of the fastest production vehicles in the world. Nevertheless, in the past there have been some concerns about its braking system. Even with a more efficient braking system, a YouTuber has just discovered what happens when they let go at 273 km / h. Obviously, he doesn’t crash at this speed since the car loses speed before hitting a wall of tires, but he was launched at this speed when he realized that he could press as hard as he wanted on brake pedal… But nothing would happen.

Cheyenne Lord is the man behind the Chillin with Chet YouTube channel where he shares all kinds of automotive content. He’s taken this Model S Plaid underwater twice in the past before trying to fix a number of issues. He recently installed a set of “Unplugged Performance” brakes on his all-electric sedan. In a previous video, he details the brake change. Up front, he installed new carbon-ceramic discs with larger calipers and steel brake lines. He clarifies that he wanted to use his Plaid on the track and that he overheated the stock brakes in the past, so he wanted to update all of that. On the other hand, he did not modify the brake fluid. DOT 3 brake fluid is the base fluid for the Tesla Model S Plaid. It is perhaps this choice which is responsible for the crash.

The causes and circumstances

“This is the original Tesla dot3 brake fluid. I will explain in depth in the next video. Tesla also likes to say this is a touring sedan not intended for track use… it has and was in ‘track mode’ during this video so if this car doesn’t have its place on a track and should not be pushed hard on the circuit, why does it have a track mode? A recall needs to be done now before more people are injured or even killed by this underperforming braking system.”

We now have to wait to see what he says in a future video, but we understand that it is Tesla who is directly implicated. Cheyenne Lord already has some track experience with the Plaid and knows what it feels like when the brakes start to underperform. Too bad this experience ended so badly. Luckily, he escaped with minor injuries but still has a fractured knee and several broken ribs. But things could have been much worse.

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