Ugo Mola, Toulouse coach, after the defeat against Castres: “We failed in discipline”

“What did Stade Toulousain miss against Castres?
Our discipline in the first period. It costs us dearly and allows Castres to get back into the game. After a first quarter of an hour with intentions, we switched to the terrain they master, without managing to go to ours. We lost too many balls in key moments. There is no need to do too deep an analysis. As soon as we held the ball, we created opportunities. But not enough to win. Did we run out of freshness? We ran after this period of December which was fateful. Congratulations to Castres.

After two titles last year, can we talk about a failed season?
It’s your analysis. When you make two semi-finals and it doesn’t come down to much, yes, you can say it’s a failure. It’s your interpretation.

“You don’t always have to wait for Antoine Dupont to cross the pitch. There are also five missed points at the foot”

Ugo Mola, manager of Stade Toulousain

Do we have the feeling that your individualities have been in difficulty?
My collective has been extinguished by pressure from Castres. Afterwards, you don’t always have to wait for Antoine Dupont to cross the field. There are also five missed points on the foot. These matches are for nothing. We were blunted in key moments. But this group has a bright future. I understood from the comments that it had to change. It’s the case. See you next year.

Where is the turning point?
The second yellow card is too many. But when we target discipline and the game of pressure as the keys to this meeting, we cannot end up with seven penalties whistled against us and two yellow cards in the first period. Usually, we are more disciplined. It’s when it counts that you have to be disciplined. We failed in this sector. Thomas’ missed penalty (Ramos) who is an outstanding goalscorer hurts too. Five minutes from the end, we would have come back in front. We are not going to rewrite history. I remain very proud to have this group. We are going to test our character to bounce back after this failed season for some and two semi-finals for others. We may have to better manage the freshness of our big players next year. But to have freshness, it would have been necessary to qualify directly in the semi-finals. We can only blame ourselves. »


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