to acquire them for less than 120 euros, here is where it goes

The AirPods 3 are at an unbeatable price on the famous Rakuten site right now.

You can still enjoy a great price on refurbished Apple AirPods 3 available at a really good price on Rakuten’s website. You will find them at only 114 euros instead of 199 euros, i.e. a 42% discount corresponding to 85 euros in savings.

You still have some time to enjoy them, but be careful as they will only be available at this price for a while longer. Refurbished like new, they show no signs of wear and are an excellent bargain to grab urgently. You can also pay in installments from 23 euros per month to please you. These advanced wireless headphones will follow you everywhere, from the benches of the university to the bus, at work or at home, in the waiting room or on the road and so on.

Apple AirPods 3 refurbished as new are 114 euros

The Apple AirPods 3 are really excellent and their price too. On Rakuten, you will find them in a refurbished version as new for only 114 euros with a discount of 85 euros. Enjoy spatial audio to feel surrounded by the music and enjoy every sound like 3D. Low frequencies are particularly well restored so that no sound is degraded. You can make calls without fear of being misunderstood because microphones isolate your voice and allow you to be heard clearly despite the wind or surrounding noise. The noise reduction is very effective and leaves room for sound no matter where you are. Simply tap the pressure sensors to change tracks, adjust volume and more. With their impressive 30-hour battery life, they’ll never let you down. Even the Siri assistant is there and can be activated by voice to respond to your requests.

Apple AirPods 3 refurbished as new at a price of 114 euros instead of 199 euros on Rakuten

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