This brand is ahead of Apple by launching a subscription for its smartphone

For a while, rumors suggest that Apple is preparing a new service that will allow users to have an iPhone through a subscription, instead of buying it. And given the growing interest of the Cupertino company for financial services (with the launch of Apple Pay Later in the United States), it is very likely that this subscription is well in the pipes.

But today, Apple is overtaken by one of its European competitors: Fairphone. If you regularly follow the news of new technologies, you may have already heard of this brand.

If Fairphone is not one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, it nevertheless stands out thanks to its ecological and ethical approach. Indeed, the smartphones of this company are manufactured in a way to limit the impact of manufacturing on the planet, while respecting ethics.

Moreover, Fairphone products are designed in such a way that users can keep the same smartphone for as long as possible. Fairphones are extremely easy to repair, and the manufacturer is committed to providing updates for several years.

New step in the development of Fairphone: the launch of a rental service

This week, Fairphone is once again making waves by launching a new offer called Fairphone Easy, which allows users to rent their smartphone instead of buying it. The launch of this offer is still part of the brand’s ecological approach.

The manufacturer offers subscriptions of 3, 12, 36 and 60 months, for 21 euros per month. And the service includes free repair and replacement service. When a device is damaged, a replacement smartphone is provided after 48 hours.

The model offered with this subscription is the Fairphone 4, in green. Unfortunately, the subscription is only offered in the Netherlands, which is Fairphone’s home market.

But, just for information, the Fairphone 4 is a device that normally costs 579 euros. It’s a 5G smartphone using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G chip combined with 6 or 8 GB of RAM, with a 6.3-inch Full HD+ screen, and a 3,905 mAh battery. On the back, we have a combination of two 48-megapixel sensors.

In essence, correct characteristics for a mid-range smartphone. But the strength of this device is its repairability. iFixit has indeed awarded the maximum repairability rating of 10/10.

How is this subscription for a smartphone ecological?

First, the subscription encourages users to keep the same smartphone as long as possible. Indeed, every year, if the smartphone remains without damage, Fairphone offers a reduction in the cost of the subscription.

And at the end of the subscription, instead of throwing the smartphone away, Fairphone will repackage it for use by another subscriber. If the device is no longer repairable, the brand can also recover components to repair other units. And if a device has reached its end of life, Fairphone makes sure it is recycled properly.

“This business model is one of our long-standing wishes; so far, we have mostly worked on making the process of designing and producing a phone fairer for people and the planet”explains the brand. “But once the customer buys the phone, the process is out of our hands. With Fairphone Easy’s service model, we can now make the entire phone lifecycle fairer and more sustainable, encouraging longer use and ensuring proper reuse and recycling. »

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