their market share increased by 380% in just one year

Growing from (almost) nothing is very simple, so in 2022 the recently presented Google Pixel 7 will have to endorse this positive data.

The mobile phone market in the United States seems to be running against the grain, as in a global scenario of massive contraction in mobile deliveries, in the land of the stars and stripes, they again recorded a new all-time high in the first quarter of 2022.

Colleagues from xda-developers analyzed it following data released by experts from consultancy Canalys, who said that amid significant inflation and with evident problems in supply chains, 4 % more than phones compared to the same period in 2021.

These are the Google Pixel 7, which will try to continue on the right track after the summer.

It’s something remarkable, to be sure, because very few countries have managed to keep smartphone industry numbers green, in addition to the peculiarities of a North American market where Apple dominates, a brand that only sells as well as high-performance mobiles and high prices.

Overall it seemed like the big beneficiaries of the drop in sales were Samsung and Apple itself, although in the US the numbers were somewhat different, with Apple, Lenovo and Google celebrating, Samsung remaining and all others in a very accentuated negative that we now analyze.

The mobile phone market is not shrinking in the United States, although in the North American country the protagonists are changing with the dominance of Apple, Lenovo growing at a record pace thanks to Motorola and Google is finally starting to compete with its Pixel phones.

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Speaking of figures, we can start with Apple, which in the United States owns and dominates the mobile market, which is also growing strongly at 19.9 million iPhone units shipped, giving it a market share of 51% with year-on-year growth of 19%. Undeniable…

The second step of the podium goes to Samsung once again, even if the South Koreans cannot open the champagne too much because they only increased their sales by 1% to 10.5 million units, losing 1% cake at the global level to sign a market share of 27%.

It is interesting to see how Lenovo continues to grow in the United States thanks to Motorola, a local brand, also with very strong figures: it grows 56% year-on-year after selling 4 million mobile phones, and she’s already eating 10% of the American pie.

US mobile sales, Q1 2022

This is how mobile sales broke down in the US in Q1-2022, according to Canalys.

The Chinese TCL is fourth but falls sharply, no less than 21% to maintain a market share of 4% selling 1.4 million mobiles. All the others, with the exception of Google, together fall by a very significant 64%, together selling 2.1 million mobiles and gathering 5% of the market, which is very interesting if we take into account that It’s classic companies like Sony or extremely successful ones like Xiaomi.

And why haven’t we talked about Google yet? Well, because Google is the fastest growing in the US to crack the ‘top 5’ for the first time in many years since the Nexus, selling 1.2 million Pixel smartphones to finally compete in the industry with a 3% market share and huge growth of 380% no less.

After a long time, and after seeing a Google I/O 2022 with its main Keynote almost hardware-hogged, it looks like Mountain View has finally taken its devices more seriously.

It’s true that growing from (almost) nothing was quite simple, but this is the first time we’ve seen Google get one hundred percent involved with its hardware division, almost monopolizing Google I/O and with a range of smartphones that it already wants to offer solutions for everyone, from the most premium cut to the mid-range, and that it is manufactured in larger series to allow for more global launches.

They say of Canalys that the key to this growth in the United States has been in the attractive offers of the main operators in the country, which has accentuated the renewal of mobile phones to adopt 5G and which will surely make the coming months difficult. at the top. In any case, for Apple, the numbers are celebrating in Cupertino after redistributing inventory to meet orders in its home market, Samsung growing bit by bit, Lenovo getting faster and Google finally competing.

It will be time to talk about it again at the end of the year, because it will be necessary to evaluate the movements after the iPhone 14, Pixel 7 and other families…!

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