The release date of the Tesla Roadster (again) postponed

Future Tesla buyers will have to be patient. The company’s CEO, Elon Musk, announced on Wednesday September 1 that his brand’s next vehicle, the Roadster, “should be delivered in 2023”, as reported by our colleagues from The Verge. The causes of this release delay, according to the billionaire who spoke on Twitter, are the current shortages that affect the supply chain.

“2021 was the year of crazy supply chain shortages, so it wouldn’t matter if we had 17 new products because none would be delivered,” Elon Musk said on the social network. The Tesla Roadster was nevertheless announced four years ago, during a sensational event organized by the brand in November 2017. Elon Musk had promised that the car which would cost some 200,000 dollars could go from 0 to 95 km / hour in a record time of 1.9 seconds. The Roadster was also, according to the announcements, to have a 200 kWh battery and a range of 997 kilometers.

Shortage of microchips

At the time the Roadster was announced, the CEO had expected production to begin in 2020. But in January of that year, he backtracked and shifted the vehicle’s design launch to 2022. delays could be insignificant if some future buyers had not already made large deposits to acquire the vehicle. As a reminder, the brand takes deposits ranging from 50,000 dollars – for the basic model – to 250,000 dollars – for the top model of the Founders series.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has faced industrial shortages. The automaker has already adapted to the global shortage of chips by substituting parts intended for its vehicles and rewriting the software to support it. However, some supply hurdles are more difficult than others to overcome, so patience will be the best weapon for future drivers.

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