The price of the Tesla Model 3 increases by 6000 € in France, finished the maximum ecological bonus

The price of the Tesla Model 3 continues to climb. The American giant has now tackled the prices of the cheapest version, which has so far benefited from the maximum amount of the ecological bonus.

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Tesla has been steadily increasing the price of its Tesla Model 3 in France for several months now, but the American manufacturer has so far only applied price increases to the Long Autonomy and Performance versions. In effect, the classic Tesla Model 3 had so far avoided price increasesin particular because of its strategic price positioning which allowed it to benefit from the maximum ecological bonus of 6000 euros.

Yesterday, the Tesla Model 3 was offered at 44,990 euros, just enough to be eligible for the ecological bonus of 6,000 euros for electric cars under 45,000 euros. Customers had to pay a total bill of 38,990 euros for Tesla’s cheapest car. From now on, the note will be much saltier.

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The Tesla Model 3 is no longer eligible for the ecological bonus of 6000 euros

The American manufacturer finally decided to increase the price of its Tesla Model 3 last night, taking the price of the electric sedan from 44,990 euros to 46,990 euros. This increase of 2000 euros hides in fact a much more substantial increase in the final price for future owners, since the Tesla Model 3 now only benefits from an ecological bonus of 2000 euros.

Customers who wish to obtain the electric sedan will therefore now have to pay 44,990, or 6,000 euros more. In question, the increase in the price of electricity, but also minerals necessary for the manufacture of electric batteries such as nickel. The owners of thermal cars who face the explosion of fuel prices will therefore not be the only ones to suffer the consequences of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

It should also be remembered that the ecological bonus will see its maximum amount decrease to 5,000 euros from July 1, 2022. The Tesla Model 3 would therefore have, whatever happens, seen its price increase by 1,000 euros by the end of the year. year.

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