The Paris of chefs – What Guy Savoy eats

LSaturday and Sunday mornings bring him joy. The sun has barely risen when Guy Savoy takes malicious pleasure in walking the streets of Paris. The 3-star chef whose restaurant on the Quai de Conti was crowned the best restaurant in the world five times by The list strolls in search of the best seasonal products. “The market is to cooking what foreplay is to love,” enthuses this eternal bon vivant. The perfect opportunity for the cook to reveal to the Point his five favorite addresses in the capital.

His bistro: At Fernand’s
“I love this typically French cuisine which combines the bourgeois and popular repertoire by celebrating real signature dishes: fricassee of seasonal mushrooms; Burgundy snails with parsley butter; grilled knives; roast chicken, mashed potatoes… The attractive wine list allows you to find a bottle for your glass. The icing on the cake, the colorful pattern ensures a warm atmosphere. »
9 Christine Street, 6and. Menu: from €34 to €78.

His wine merchant: The Last Drop
“I am happy to go to this cellar run for more than thirty years by Anglo-Saxons behind the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The wines of owners of all the French vineyards as well as the spirits are in the spotlight. I unearth some pretty nuggets there, notably Chartreuse. »
6, rue de Bourbon-le-Château, 6and.

His baker: Mr. Pain
“I love the quarter loaf. When I grill it at home, it develops terrific aromas. In the mouth, it is a nice mix of sweetness and acidity. It can be kept without any problem for a few days, proof that it is made with well-born flours. »
15, rue Poncelet, 17and.

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His butcher: La Boucherie de l’Étoile
“Éric Lamotte watches over this institution which, since its creation, has always been transmitted from boss to employee. We are dealing with the real butcher with his tie under his shirt and apron. The well-matured rib of beef, poultry from Bresse or Landes, lamb from Limousin… are a delight. »

27, rue des Acacias, 17and.

Its scoop: Planet Fruit
“The selection of fruits and vegetables here is amazing. The boss, Fred, knows each producer and the region where he is located by heart. I recently discovered the rockit, the smallest apple in the world. Large dates are presented as jewels. Tangerines and clementines are wonderful. Mushrooms and new plants too. »
5 Bayen Street, 17and.

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