the New York police want to buy 250 Model 3s for their fleet of electric vehicles

The New York Police Department (NYPD) plans to purchase 250 Tesla vehicles to complete its fleet. The electric vehicles would cost a total of nearly $12.4 million.

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Bloomberg reports that a draft New York City supply contract shows a potential order for 250 Tesla Model 3s for the New York City Police (NYPD). These vehicles would be part of a city initiative for all-electric fleets.

According to the draft contract, their purchase would cost taxpayers $12.4 million. Each Tesla Model 3 would cost $51,940 each, which means that these are Long Range versions with some additional options, and not Performance versions. As a reminder, the American Long Autonomy version offers 537 km of autonomy and a 0 to 96 km / h in 4.2 seconds for 50,990 dollars, while the Performance version offers 507 km of autonomy and a 0 to 96 km / h. h in 3.1 seconds for $58,990.

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No New York Police Discount

Even if the New York police validated the order of 250 Model 3, Tesla would not grant any reduction. Indeed, Hertz had ordered no less than 100,000 Tesla Model 3s at the end of October 2021, and the rental company had not received any discount. Elon Musk also insisted that no contract had yet been signed with Hertz for the order, but the news had still caused the manufacturer’s share price to explode.

According to Bloomberg, the New York Police Department reportedly said electric cars would help them reduce fuel costs, believing thatthey would save about $8,500 per car over five years. The New York police aren’t the first to take an interest in Teslas. Since 2016, the Los Angeles Police Department has also been testing Teslas within its fleet.

Last year, the police department in Fremont, California, where the automaker’s main factory is located, even said that the Model S ” met or exceeded expectations, often demonstrating superior performance compared to gasoline-powered police vehicles “.

Source: Bloomberg

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