the king of silence?

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Founded in 2003 by a group of engineers, the Tesla car brand is today the world leader in the electric market. But, she is not the queen of communication. Meeting with the president of the Tesla France club, who is from Calvados.

If there is a term, to our liking, which corresponds to the brand of cars You’re here, it’s the silence. Communication silence. The sign, whose general manager is billionaire Elon Musk, is not one to advertise, nor to respond favorably to requests for interviews from journalists. A way of doing things that we respect. Silence too, because its all-electric vehicles are not noisy. Cyril Touchet can testify to that. This Calvadosian is the president of the Tesla France club (see below). Commercial manager in the industry, he knows the brand well. He has been driving a Tesla for more than five years, professionally and personally. “I do a lot of motorway journeys. 40,000 kilometers a year. On the meter, more than 200,000 Tesla terminals”. He first bought a second-hand Model S to discover the world of the manufacturer. “Obviously I had questions, particularly relating to recharging. In fact, there are superchargers just about everywhere. In fifteen to twenty minutes, you go from 10 to 80%. And it’s normal to wonder when you going electric. In one year, I was totally convinced”. He then offered himself a new Model S, before changing to a Model 3. Today he moves to Model Y. The main vehicle of his household. This is a Family SUV with more than 400 horsepower and a range of around 550 kilometers – when driving on a departmental or national road, a little less on the motorway – available in France from €62,990. The Model 3, the best-selling private electric vehicle in France and worldwide in 2021, is available from 49,990 euros, excluding bonuses.

The purchase price, not a brake?
Cyril Touchet in his trunk

A geek side with the huge tablet that controls everything

Cyril Touchet admits that his car is not perfect. It lists some points to review. “If you don’t have enough to charge your vehicle at home, then that’s still a constraint, even if that’s changing. There are currently a lot of supermarkets that are equipping themselves with faster chargers The purchase price of the vehicle is also a brake insofar as not everyone can afford to pay this amount. Also to review, the availability of spare parts”. But the Calvadosian finds the car to his liking : “I haven’t detected any flaws that I think are significant. It is practical and spacious with a trunk at the front and another at the rear. I also appreciate the silence in the passenger compartment made possible by laminated glazing. The materials are also of very good quality”. And that’s not all, Cyril Touchet highlights the performance of his machine: “It’s pleasant to drive, a very relaxing car. You can use it in dynamic mode. But you can also let yourself go, very fluidly, calmly on a long journey. The plus is the absence of vibrations or even the autopilot with several levels. It’s currently very restricted in Europe, not in the United States. There is also a geek side with the huge tablet that controls everything. It provides access to GPS, YouTube, Netflix, video games and even a karaoke service. And what also appeals to me is the environmental aspect, namely the possibility of making a long journey in electric mode”.

Return one day to the thermal car?
Cyril Touchet next to the front trunk

Brand ambassadors

Cyril Touchet has chaired the Tesla France club for about a year, born in early 2020: “There was a fairly dynamic group around the brand, bringing together a lot of fans, owners, with exchanges on social networks. Since it was possible, we took the opportunity to create an official owners’ club while the sales and the community were booming”. His members –they are currently nearly a thousand throughout the country, which is growing in line with the number of registrations- exchange a lot with each other, also help each other on vehicle functions to discover and master and meet regularly, always with their cars. 21 gatherings last year despite the health crisis. “It can be going for a drive together and having a bite to eat, or doing an activity, like electric go-karts.”. A car club, as there are for Dacia, Porsche… Except that at Tesla, members are more than just ambassadors: “In a Tesla dealership, the time on site is very short. We send you links before buying your vehicle so that you can discover the universe of the brand beforehand. On D-Day, you are given the keys. Then it’s thank you, goodbye!” laughs Cyril Touchet, who does not hesitate to have his Model Y tested by people wishing to take the plunge.

More than just brand ambassadors

You’re here opened in April a branch at the gates of Caen, in Hérouville-Saint-Clair. The only one in Normandy. It hosts the sales teams and after-sales activities.


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