the iPhone will, yes or no, have a USB-C port

From 2025, all mobile devices, including iPhones, will need to have a USB Type-C charging port.

For some time the European Union has been focusing its efforts on implementing a single USB-C charger in all devices marketed in European countries and it seems that little by little this proposal is materializing, since after the European Commission approved this legislation in Last September, it is now the European Parliament which announced, through a press release, that it gave the green light to the European Commission to go ahead with this new regulation.

It’s a blow to Apple and its Lightning port, as it forces future iPhones to ditch their proprietary port in favor of USB-C.

Chronicle of an announced death: lightning still has two and a half years to live

Lightning’s death draws near

The European Parliament has approved the universal charger legislation presented by the European Commission without making any type of amendment and, therefore, said Commission can continue the procedures for its entry into force.

As explained by the European Parliament, the Commission must now prepare the final text of this legislation and resubmit it to this body for approval, which will happen in early 2023. Once the legislative text is approved, it will take around two years. to come into force, which means that by 2025 all mobile devices, including iPhones, tablets, digital cameras, headsets, game consoles and portable speakers, will have to have a USB Type-C charging port.

iphone lightning

The iPhone’s Lightning port will soon be history

Only devices too small to house a USB-C port, such as smartwatches or fitness trackers, will be exempt from this rule.

In addition, MEPs also asked the European Commission that all electronic devices “include clear information and labeling on charging options, as well as whether the product comes with a charger”.

Finally, regarding wireless charging, the European Parliament has asked the European Commission to present a proposal by the end of 2026 “which allows any new charging solution to be compatible with other manufacturers” and thus avoid further fragmentation. of the market.

I play it iPhone will never mount USB-C and these are the reasons

Therefore, Apple has two and a half years to find a solution to circumvent this legislation and knowing the American giant, it is very likely that the first iPhone without ports will arrive on the market before 2025.

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