the improved Autopilot will replace the FSD in the USA, and at half price

Try Tesla: the improved Autopilot will replace the FSD in the USA, and at half the price?

Configure your Tesla vehicle: Enhanced Autopilot will replace FSD in the US, and at half price or request a free trial.

Tesla’s autonomous driving system, Full Self Driving, will drastically reduce its price. The manufacturer is developing its Autopilot offer.

In the United States, Tesla currently sells the Autopilot, level 2 autonomous system, and the FSD. Full Self Driving is a fully autonomous system, which is under fire from critics in the USA.

If its features are effective, its price of 12,000 dollars brings criticism against Tesla. The absence of radar and LiDar was one of the main criticisms, since the presence of HD cameras alone did not justify this price.

Elon Musk’s firm has also filed a patent for radars, which could therefore return to Teslas. But in the meantime, the FSD will give way to the improved Autopilot in the USA.

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This version of Autopilot will be between the classic system and the FSD. It seems that the manufacturer wants to offer a much less expensive alternative to the FSD.

This much better Autopilot will notably offer navigation with Autopilot, automatic lane change or even park assist. In addition, these cars will offer the Summon and Smart Summon functions, to park and exit your car automatically.

For Tesla customers, the price reduction should be clear. Indeed, the improved Autopilot costs 3800 euros in France, far from the 12,000 dollars of the FSD across the Atlantic.

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