The FNSEA calls on the government to distribute the food check “as quickly as possible”

The agricultural union is calling for an emergency food check to protect the end consumer from rising food prices.

Guest of RMC this Thursday, the president of the FNSEA Christiane Lambert called on the government to distribute the food check “as soon as possible, not in three years. It is in the first 200 days (of the quinquennium) that it must be done”. If the contours of the future food check are not yet known, the government plans to set it up this summer.

Although she is in favor of the food voucher, Christiane Lambert nevertheless considers that the rise in food prices on the shelves is “founded”. “Animal feed costs much more, packaging, steel, cardboard cost more. We must be able to pass on these charges.explained Christiane Lambert, recalling that“there have been eight years of falling prices with crushed prices. Consumers have not noticed this but they pay less for their food”.

The president of the FNSEA thus defends the price increases – up to 20% on certain products – that farmers and industrialists are demanding from large retailers during negotiations currently at an impasse. “Our requests (for price increases) are based on objective indicators”assured Christiane Lambert in response to certain distributors who, like Michel-Edouard Leclerc, who ask for more “transparency” to their suppliers about their prices.


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