the electric concept car to attack Tesla

Has the French manufacturer found the right formula to counter Tesla? Meet the unexpected 100% electric Peugeot Presence concept car.

Peugeot Presence – When the Sochaux firm has just announced its intention to convert its entire range to electricity by 2030an independent designer offers us his vision of a large sedan flanked by a Lion, capable of competing with the productions of Elon Musk.

Daughter of… 605?

He is of Chilean origin, currently lives in Milan, and is called Carlos MM. He is the talented parent of the Peugeot Présence study which, obviously, is not lacking. And if the filiation with the e-Legend concept of 2018 seems obvious, its author claims a family link with a certain… Peugeot 605. But it is still less obvious, let’s face it.

Not so wacky?

We find at the front the codes initiated by the former Peugeot design boss, Gilles Vidal, through the luminous fangs framing the shield. Peugeot Presence, however, sees its optics reduced to their simplest expression, just like the grille, of great finesse. It is also very likely the path towards which the Lion will tend for the facies of its future modelsin the years to come, under the leadership of Mathias Hossan, recently catapulted to the head of the style of the brand.

A technology soon ready

Under the hood or rather under its cabin, Carlos MM has imagined a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 100 kWh which would allow the Peugeot Presence to approach the 600 km range. A not-so-outlandish value in that Stellantis promises to match or even exceed these features in the coming years. Therefore, if we were to consider only the design of this Peugeot Presence study, we would conclude thatsuch a project seems more than feasible. So, Monsieur from Peugeot: banco?

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