The chips of future iPhones will be engraved in 2 nanometers

Two new signed reports Nikkei Asia tell us that the main chip supplier Apple silicon is preparing for a new generation of motherboards. We talk about it without surprise engravings in 3 nanometerswhich would be about to welcome new production plants in Taiwan, where the headquarters of TSMC is located.

Four buildings are on the program according to the Japanese daily, with an investment of ten billion dollars per unit. In total, this amounts to approximately 38 billion euros and even more at the current exchange rate. Other projects are also undertaken in parallel by the founder, for a final sum of 120 billion dollars. Or nearly ten times the capitalization of TSMC.

Out in three years?

TSMC has also confirmed that it is working on processors engraved in 2 nanometers, but these should not see the light of day before 2025. Manufacturers therefore have time to see it coming by then, starting with Apple. The Californian brand should then take advantage of the know-how of its supplier for its future iPhones, of which a next version is expected around September. This will probably keep the five nanometers that we already find with the A15 of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

As a reminder, the fineness of engraving is only one indicator among many others for studying the performance of processors. It should be compared with other key information such as the results obtained with benchmark apps or the power consumption parts, the latter being regularly highlighted by Apple with each update of its chips.

TSMC struggling

While this news is encouraging for TSMC, it comes as the firm has lost nearly 26% of its value on the Taipei Stock Exchange within six months. It is not the only company to experience the crisis; Apple experiencing the same fate in particular because of a drop in demand for the iPhone in China. The market is indeed the world’s leading consumer of mobiles, and the coronavirus crisis has had consequences on a global scale following the various confinements imposed by the government. – Official App

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