The brakes of his Tesla Model Plaid S let go at 270 km / h in the middle of a turn

The YouTube channel Chillin’ with Chet specializes in the craziest experiments with Teslas. In the latest videos, the youtuber tries for example to make his car amphibious. But it’s another of his videos – spectacular to say the least – that we’re going to tell you about.

Chet is indeed one of the very first customers of the Tesla Model S Plaid, the brand’s most powerful, fast and enduring car. It has already given her a lot of misery… including immersion in water. A pretext to lighten it and modify it as much as possible to pull its performance into the entrenchments.

Tesla: this youtubeur came close to death because of an error in judgment at the garage

He therefore decides to remove certain elements such as the trunk, and everything that is not absolutely useful inside the vehicle. Airbags included. The youtubeur only plans to use this car on the track. On top of that, in anticipation of higher speeds, he decides to change the brake pads to a more resistant Performance model in carbon.

However, and this is probably what was nearly fatal to him, Chet decides not to change the brake fluid. The car was therefore running with the original Dot3 liquid. In the video at the end of the article, everything goes well for the first few minutes – the car accelerates like never before thanks to this reduced weight, and brakes with precision. All with the “race mode” obviously activated to push performance to their limits.

Then suddenly, just before a bend, panic seizes Chet. As the car sped along at 170 miles per hour (273 km/h) the brakes failed. The car then crashed into a tire barrier after a rollover. Chet comes out with a few broken ribs – but no really serious injuries…a miracle.

In hindsight Chet’s mistake was actually totally obvious. The youtuber should have replaced the brake fluid with a mixture capable of increasing the temperature further. The brake fluid is indeed likely to see its temperature increase significantly in this type of race. To the point of downright boiling.

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When this happens, the hydraulic pressure can drastically drop to the point that nothing happens when the brake pedal is pressed. Chet had been warned of this risk but had judged that these few minutes of racing would not be enough to exceed the technical recommendations of the Dot3 liquid. A mistake that was nearly fatal.

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