The Apple Watch will allow the detection of the first symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

The company Rune Labs, which markets an application collecting data, has received the green light from the American authorities.

Tremors, incoherent movements, balance disorders… The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are numerous: and some of them could well be picked up by connected watches. Starting with the most widespread among this type of wearablesthe Apple Watch.

On iOS, the start-up specialist in the collection of medical data Rune Labs has indeed obtained authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American regulator, to collect data via the Apple watch.

Real-time data

Rune Labs markets an application, Strive PD, to collect this personal data. It is based on the interface offered by the Apple Watch called Movement Disorder and detecting the unusual movements of the wearers of the watch. Healthtech then proposes to transmit the data permanently to doctors, and to make it available to patients.

With all the data collected and all the patients reached thanks to this new authorization, we will ensure that the right patients participate in medical trials”, assured Brian Pepin, CEO and founder of Rune Labs.

So far, the detection of Parkinson’s disease is complex: symptoms fluctuate between cases and for the patients themselves. Misdiagnoses are common and late detections regular. The collection of data must also make it possible to advance research into the causes of the disease.

Series A at $22.8 million

Rune Labs, which therefore benefits from the architecture of Apple’s watch, is thus developing its first marketable solution. In addition to Parkinson’s disease, the American firm wishes in particular to tackle depression and multiple sclerosis.

It raised 22.8 million in series A in 2021, with several investors specializing in tech, such as Eclipse Ventures or TruVenturo, or even health, such as DigiTx, which invests in medical imaging.

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