the Apple TV + thriller with Will Smith still postponed (because of the slap?)

The Thriller Emancipation directed by Antoine Fuqua and worn by Will Smith was once again delayed by Apple TV+, but not because of the Oscar slap.

New disappointment for Will Smith after his blow, but no shine, at the 94th Academy Awards. Ever since he took the stage to slap comedian Chris Rock, the setback is increasingly bitter for the actor. Despite a first Oscar for her role in The Williams Methodthe former Prince of Bel-Air missed his coronation in Hollywood, while his career quickly took a turn for the worse.

The development of Badboys 4 is stationary, just like the action movie Fast and Loose that David Leitch was to direct for Netflix. His return in i am legend 2 remains uncertain for now, while the streaming giant has permanently canceled Bright 2 (although the platform clarified that its decision had no relation to the “incident” involving the actor). Finally, Will Smith has been banned from all ceremonies related to the Academy for the next ten years.

More recently, it’s the movie Emancipation directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Equalizer) and acquired by Apple TV+ for nearly $120 million which was impacted. According to a report by variety, the release of the thriller has thus been postponed until 2023, while the latter was to be released at the end of the year to ensure the season of the awards (with in particular an Oscar nomination for Will Smith in the line of sight). The promotion risking being complicated, the platform would have decided to save itself a bad publicity after the historic victory of CODAwhose reward was also eclipsed by the slap.

Will Smith in The Williams Method

However, other sources have reported to variety that Antoine Fuqua simply would not have time to complete post-production by the end of 2022, thus justifying the postponement. The film, inspired by real events, will tell the story of a black slave who escaped from a plantation in Louisiana to join the northern army during the Civil War. Even before the controversy surrounding its main actor, the film had a turbulent production because of a controversial law enacted in the state of Georgia which prompted the production to move its set to Louisiana.

No new release date for Emancipation has not yet been disclosed.


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