Teslas for the NYPD

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New York City emergency services will be massively equipped with electric cars. The famous NYPD, in particular, will receive several models.

New York City changed mayors last year, but the desire to green its services remains the same. Also, the town hall placed an order for 184 Ford Mustang Mach-E for its famous NYPD, known as New York Police Department.

New York has already completed the purchase of electric SUVs, and has optioned another large order. Indeed, the metropolis has pre-ordered 250 Tesla Model 3, still for its emergency services.

The majority of vehicles will go to the NYPD, but others will join the rest of the emergency services and surveillance. If the city validates the Tesla order, the Model 3s should normally serve as patrol vehicles for the NYPD.

These 250 vehicles should arrive over time over the next five years. In total, New York wants to add 1,250 electric vehicles to all of its fleets in 2022. An automobile plan that is part of an overall investment of $420 million.

In addition to the NYPD, the Ford Mach-E will serve the sheriff’s office, the penitentiary department, the management of parks and urban planning, or even environmental protection. Ford is expected to deliver all vehicles before June 30, 2022. The Tesla Model 3 has already convinced London police in recent weeks.

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