Teslas are banned from an entire Chinese city this summer over spying fears

All Teslas will be banned from the resort town of Beidaihe this summer for fear of eavesdropping through their cameras on the traditional gathering of party cadres held there.

The Shanghai Gigafactory is unique in its kind since Tesla is the only foreign manufacturer to have been able to set up a factory without having to collaborate with a local brand. Success is there, because its production will be doubled and the Middle Empire is the first market in the world for the American brand. In addition, Elon Musk regularly sings the praises of the country and is careful not to comment on local politics.

Everything is fine in the best of all worlds on the Austin/Beijing axis? Yes. Or almost. There is still a small background of the Cold War which resurfaces from time to time. Last year, for example, the People’s Liberation Army banned Tesla owners from parking their vehicles on its bases and in housing complexes, for fear of cameras filming the surroundings of each vehicle and where these data ended. Musk may have asserted that the cameras in his cars were not used to spy on China and, in the process, announced the creation of a local data center, the decision was maintained and even extended to other government organizations.

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And this continues to progress today: the authorities of Beihaihe, a seaside resort not far from Beijing and a traditional place where the highest dignitaries of the Communist Party gather each summer, have thus prohibited the entry of the city to all Tesla to from July 1 and for a period of two months. The reasons for such an exclusion have not been specified, but everything leads us to believe that the cameras in the cars are still in question.

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