Tesla > Tesla plans to stop selling its electric cars

This morning, a dispatch panicked the markets.
In effect, You’re here plans to stop taking orders.
The reason ?
The waiting time described as “ridiculous” by the boss, Elon Musk.

It must be said that the models You’re here are very greedy in electronics, and therefore in chips. The supply problems due to the corona pandemic, the continuing shortage of semiconductors and the situation in Ukraine are currently unsolvable.
Consequently, delivery times increase exponentially, with a Tesla Model 3 which requires more than a year between order and delivery. However, the Californian firm recently opened new factories, in Shanghai and Berlin, capable of producing hundreds of thousands of electric cars. But without chips, cars sit on assembly lines. In order not to lengthen delivery times, Musk has already indicated that the long-awaited new models, such as the cybertruck repeatedly postponed, Roadster and the new entry-level model, still unnamed, will not be launched before 2023. We are betting on 2024, because this crisis affects other manufacturers. The demand is global and seems to penalize all brands.

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