Tesla second most expensive car brand to repair!

The Model 3 may be the best-selling electric car in France, but testimonies of lack of parts, long delays and prohibitive repair costs are commonplace at Tesla. The brand struggles with after-sales and doesn’t really seem to care.

Selling new cars is one thing, managing to maintain and monitor them over time is another: “Tesla is a brand we’ve been watching for some time. In 2021, we identified the fact that the Model S is still ahead of the game when it comes to repair costs. Whether it’s the Model S, the Model 3 or the Model X, it’s always more expensive than the others. Tesla is now the second most expensive brand to repair after Porsche“, explains Rodolphe Pouvreau, director of SRA, an organization that carries out repair cost studies on behalf of insurers.

And SRA to communicate an explanatory table based on the average repair costs in the context of collisions last year (excluding theft, glass breakage, etc.). The base “100” is made up of the average cost of repairs weighted by model. Two brands stand out in the ranking: Porsche first: the brand is 131.9% more expensive to repair than the average. Tesla comes in behind, with an average cost 61.1% higher, while Land Rover completes the podium with refurbishments 31.6% above average. For comparison, BMW is 15.8% above the average, while Peugeot is right at “100”.

Some Teslas more expensive to repair than Porsches

But the classification by model sheds another light on the reality of the Tesla. What is the most expensive vehicle to repair in the midsize sedan segment? The Tesla Model 3 (+23.1% compared to the average cost) ahead of the Mercedes C-Class (+14.4%) and the Renault Talisman (+5.2%). Ditto for the road segment. The Model S culminates (+40.9%) far ahead of the Mercedes E-Class, whose average cost of repair is 3.6% lower than the average. As for the large luxury SUV segment, the Model X shows a generous +38.4% in repair costs compared to the average, ahead of the Porsche Cayenne (+27%) and the BMW X5 (-2.4%) . To these problems of high costs is added a visibly random availability of spare parts, according to the hundreds of testimonials from owners present on the web all over the world.. Phenomena greatly amplified by the narrowness of the Tesla authorized network.

Published on 05/06/2022 Updated 05/06/2022 Arnaud Murati

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