Tesla promises that self-driving cars will be able to drive without GPS

According to Elon Musk, the 100% autonomous Teslas will be able to drive alone, without using GPS navigation. How is it possible ?

Today, autonomous cars are not yet operational, since only semi-autonomous driving is authorized on our roads, except in certain cases, in particular for public shuttles. Nevertheless, it is already possible to drive without touching the steering wheel for several minutes, and to let the car manage motorway driving on its own, maintaining a good distance from the vehicle in front of it and staying well in the center of its lane. But on his side, You’re here is already working on the launch of 100% autonomous vehicles over the next few years. This feature is already being tested in the United States, and could arrive here by the end of the year.

No GPS navigation

For the time being, autonomous vehicles function and move thanks to the gps-navigation, as a human would. However, this system is not perfect, since it does not allow driving in unmapped areas. And precisely, Elon Musk wishes to be able to solve this small problem. The businessman has just announced in a tweet some changes to come for his future autonomous cars. Indeed, they will soon no longer need GPS to move around, which will then allow them to drive on paths or in areas without coverage.

Images from the cameras

But then, how will the car manage to move? According to Elon Musk, who is currently working on the subject, the brand’s models equipped with this technology will then use the images from their cameras to drive when GPS coverage is insufficient. Quite simply.

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