Tesla opens its 800th charging station in Europe in Avignon

After starting its establishment in Norway in 2013, the manufacturer Tesla has since never stopped weaving its web across Europe. On June 30, it inaugurates its 800th charging station on the continent. This represents 100 more stations over a year for this fast charging network which claims to be one of the largest in the world.

Over the past month, on the eve of school holidays and the great crossovers of the summer, Tesla wanted to mark its territory even more by densifying its network of Superchargers. In particular, it opened its first station in Latvia at the beginning of June, but also focused on France. There are indeed 11 new stations opened, from Brest (29) to Metz (57), via Neuville en Ferrain (59), Tournus (71) and Avignon (84). This represents 120 stations (and 1500 Superchargers). Others should follow in the coming weeks, announces the brand.

Progression of Tesla and “non-Tesla” Superchargers

Avignon station is located on the road to Marseille. It has 28 charging points, much more than the usual average of 11 charging points accessible by Tesla station. This bias is in line with our strategy to open larger sites to cover the needs of Tesla’s ever-growing fleet on European roads.”, explains the American manufacturer. He adds that “Improved battery and charging technologies allow higher powers, up to 250 kW with V3 Superchargers. Along with the continuous evolution of technology, we continue to focus on reliability which is an essential element of a fast charging network deployed to ensure long-distance travel. »

While accelerating the deployment of Superchargers for its customers, Tesla is taking the opportunity to insist on its program of access to “non-Tesla” vehicles, which it launched seven months ago. This one “continued to expand”, describes the manufacturer. He is “now accessible in 13 countries, for a total of over 250 stations and 3,600 charging points”he explains. “We are now operating the largest public fast charging network in Europe (over 150 kW)”finally claims the Californian supplier who thus hopes “gather valuable feedback” on these Superchargers that he wants accessible to all.

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