Tesla is rolling out a big update

Like what the high-tech giants offer for their smartphones or their computers, Tesla announces and immediately deploys an update for the vehicles in its range. An update called “Big Holiday Update” which brings some gadget functions, but also real new features.

Indeed, the new version of the internal software of the cars of the American brand offers itself to start an easter eggs, a kind of hidden function thought to amuse the users and which traditionally amuse the developers. It’s called Light Show: your Tesla will be able to perform a kind of choreography using its lights.

Among the more “serious” new features, the most awaited is certainly the possibility now offered to customize the application launcher on the screen. The user can, by performing a simple drag and drop, place their favorite applications in the bottom bar of the home screen in order to access them more quickly without having to dig into different menus.

The general interface has been reworked for the sake of simplification. Some menus are redesigned for the same purpose. This is particularly the case for functions related to recharging, navigation or even tire pressure control. Note in passing that the dark mode can now be activated manually. The Californian brand also offers the driver the possibility of displaying the view of what the blind spot camera sees as soon as he activates his indicator. The navigation function improves with the arrival of the editing of waypoints and the recording of intermediate stages. Tesla also improves the management of low temperatures with a more sophisticated control of the preheating of the cabin and the automatic heating of the seats. Dashcam recordings can now be edited and deleted.

The Tesla Theater platform which manages the various streaming applications is enriched with TikTok which only works like the other sources if the vehicle is stationary. In addition, the Arcade platform which is its counterpart for games now hosts the excellent Sonic the Hedgehog and a Sudoku as well as The Battke of Polytopia in a new version bringing the multiplayer world!

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