Tesla is recalling nearly 500,000 vehicles

After stopping video games while driving, Tesla is now attacking its coffers. The electric vehicle maker has initiated the recall of nearly half a million Model 3 and Model S models in the United States due to problems with the trunks of the vehicles. Documents were sent on December 21 to the American road safety agency, the NHTSA, which took note of this recall. A total of 356,309 Model 3 and 119,009 Model S are affected by this procedure.

In the case of Model 3s, Tesla says that “repeated opening and closing of the trunk door may cause excessive wear on the coaxial cable” connected to the rear view camera, which may render the camera unavailable. for the driver. As for the Model S, the potential problem comes from the misalignment of one of the trunk latches located at the front of the vehicle. “The front trunk is likely to open unexpectedly and obstruct the driver’s visibility, which increases the risk of an accident,” Tesla said.

1% of Model 3s and 14% of Model S recalled have the defect

The company estimates that 1% of Model 3s and 14% of Model S recalled will have the manufacturing defect. To remedy the issue for affected Model 3s, Tesla is planning to install a new harness and cable guard free of charge.

For Model S, the manufacturer believes that a simple repositioning of the safety latch is sufficient. Customers who paid for this operation before the recall should not be reimbursed, Tesla said. The automaker stressed that this potential defect had not, to its knowledge, caused any accidents or injuries.

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