Tesla is expanding the use of its Superchargers for non-Tesla cars

Charging by Superchargers is now possible for non-Tesla cars in several European countries.

L’Tesla companyknown for its electric cars, is expanding its Supercharger pilot program across the European continent. From now on, owners of electric vehicles can take advantage of this charging network. This offer also applies to non-Tesla cars. Relative to load standards of the United States, those of Europe are more favorable to electrical outlets. Users can easily identify the location of charging stations through the Tesla app.

Superchargers available for all electric cars

The pilot program Superchargers for everyone ” of the brand You’re here keeps spreading everywhere. Previously, the non-Tesla ownershad to travel to a country with open superchargers to be able to charge their car. This was the case for Belgium and Germany. Now, the Tesla company has already installed new charging stations in new countries, including Belgium.

Tesla supercharger and charging car

To access superchargers, electric car owners use the Tesla app . First, they need to create an account. Then they must choose the option “Charge a non-Tesla vehicle” if this is the case. In addition, they can choose the method of payment that suits them, because it is possible to make a subscription. This application also allows you to find participating stations. Note that if you have two electric cars, one of which is Tesla and the other is not, both can be tracked in the application. However, non-Tesla vehicles may cause extra charge for electricity in the application.

Tesla Supercharger network expands in Europe

The Supercharger program has been launched since November 2021 in the Netherlands, Norway and France. Tesla sues expanding its network in five new European countries : Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Austria and the United Kingdom. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, announced that he would expand the program in the United States. Yet no details on the implementation have been issued because of the mandatory carrying of the Tesla Owner Card in North America.

Two types of charging adapters in the CCS standard

Moreover, the load standardsEuropeans are more favorable to the deployment of the network. It should be noted that CCS or “Combined Charging System” are technologies for charging electric vehicles. They can be divided into two categories according to the type of connector, CCS1 or CCS2 . This CCS is in competition with other standards, including: the Japanese standardCHAdeMOand the Japanese/Chinese standard ChaoJi. In Europe, models and superchargers (Teslas and non-Teslas) mostly use the CCS2 standard. Yet North American EVs come with a CCS1 connector and more complicated than that, others rely on the CHAdeMO standard.

Last week, the British daily Financial Times interviewed Elon Musk. He said Tesla plans to add standard connectors for other non-Tesla vehicles to US supercharger stations.

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