Tesla introduces relevant charging statistics in its mobile application

As usual, the American manufacturer Tesla is enriching its mobile application with new features. It is the turn of charging statistics to appear in the app, allowing Tesla owners to find out more about the savings made compared to a thermal vehicle.

A new feature has just been added to the Tesla application, in the form of a charging history for the last 31 days, allowing you to consult some relevant statistics. This feature is available in the latest OS and Android app version.

After recently adding the live view of the vehicle’s cameras, it’s the turn of the load statistics to make their appearance, making the application ever more complete. Let’s take a tour of the possibilities offered by this new addition.

Visualization of savings related to an electric vehicle and distribution of charging locations

On the manufacturer’s website, it has always been possible to estimate the savings related to electric compared to an equivalent thermal vehicle during a trip. From now on, according to your use of the different chargers, you will have a visualization of the savings made directly in the application.

In the “Charging Stats” section of the app, the costs associated with Supercharging will be directly retrieved from your Tesla account charging history (if you have free Supercharging, they will be displayed at €0/kWh, as shown below). below), and you can customize the home charging costs quite finely.

In the “average cost” section, you can indicate the tariffs per kilowatt hour that you pay at home, detailing the tariff plan you benefit from (off-peak or super off-peak hours, or other).

Tesla introduces relevant charging statistics in its mobile application

In the same way, for those who frequently recharge elsewhere (at work for example), it is possible to specify a cost for charges made neither at a Supercharger nor at home. However, no customization is possible depending on the location: you can only indicate one rate, which will therefore be the same everywhere.

Tesla introduces relevant charging statistics in its mobile application

The way in which the savings are calculated remains unclear, Tesla not describing the prices used for the equivalent thermal vehicle. In the screenshots above, the Tesla application estimates the cost of a thermal vehicle equivalent to 413 euros. Given the kilometers traveled in the last 30 days of our vehicle (2,730 kilometers), Tesla considers that an equivalent thermal vehicle has a cost per 100 kilometers of 15.13 euros.

With an average price per liter of fuel at 1.70 euros, this then corresponds to a consumption of 8.9 liters per 100 km. Everyone should be free to estimate whether or not this estimate is close to reality, moreover depending on the type of comparison made, between a small thermal city car or a large powerful SUV, for example.

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