Tesla increases (again) the price of Superchargers in France

Bad news if you own a Tesla and regularly use the brand’s Superchargers. According to information from our colleagues atclean automobile, the American giant is increasing its prices in Europe, in three countries: Spain, Germany… and France. An increase linked to the increase in electricity prices. In France, the government is also considering several solutions to avoid a surge in prices and would seek to limit the rise in the regulated price of electricity to 4%. But the task is difficult since lowering the tax on electricity (TICFE) would amount to 5.9 billion euros.

On the side of Tesla, the measure is immediate. In France, the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) goes from 37 to 40 centimes, which means that, according to clean automobile, for a full recharge (estimated at 60 kWh), the effective increase will be 2 euros. It’s 10% of the price. But the biggest increase is observed in Spain, where the kilowatt hour goes from 29 to 36 euro cents, while in Germany it goes from 40 to 45 cents and therefore remains the most expensive on the continent.

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Increases and full order book

Bad news for Tesla aficionados in Europe. Earlier this month, Capital was already echoing the brand’s price increase for the “long range” version of the Model 3. On the American giant’s website, it was displayed at a price of 55,990 euros , a substantial increase of 2,000 euros compared to the previous price. In addition, it is no longer possible to order Model S or X models on the Old Continent, Elon Musk’s company having decided to give priority to the North American market and not planning shipments before the second half of 2022. at least.

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