Tesla delivers cars with holes instead of USB-C ports

Contents of this new episode of Tech a Break:

Some Tesla buyers had a funny surprise. When they wanted to charge their phone in their Model 3 or Model Y, they realized that the USB-C ports were missing. Instead… holes! To cope with the global shortage of electronic components and limit delivery delays, the Californian brand has taken the surprising decision to deliver certain models without these ports. A decision not totally unreasonable provided you warn customers! After delivery, some would have received an email from Tesla telling them that they can schedule an appointment when the necessary parts are available. Even more surprising, no commercial gesture seems currently planned.

Netflix launches into the top 10. Each week, the SVod service will publish a ranking of the 10 “best” films and series available on its platform. A ranking based solely on the duration of content viewing, available globally or country by country. But this method of counting, questionable, does not take into account the number of people who have completed a film or a series.

The car that will make the year 2022, you may not know it. The reference automotive magazine, MotorTrend, has chosen the Lucid Air as vehicle of the year 2022. It is a high-end electric vehicle. Its greatest feature, an insane autonomy announced at 520 miles (836.86 km) all with the equivalent of 1000 horsepower under the hood.

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