Tesla CEO Elon Musk launches Cybertruck-inspired whistle

UNUSUAL – You had to think about it. If Tesla’s Cybertruck “is unlike anything else” as Elon Musk summed it up in 2019, the Cyberwhistle is the image of the Cybertruck. The CEO of the firm announced, this Wednesday, December 1 on Twitter the launch of the gadget, before the mention “Whistle on Tesla”.

To say the least, if the Cybertruck were to go into production at the end of the year, which is finally delayed to 2022, fans of the firm could have jumped on the miniature version, especially if the Cyberwhistle is sold in a limited edition.

Already out of stock

The item is made of medical grade stainless steel with a polished finish. It also includes an integrated fixing function. The whistle can be found in the “Lifestyle” section of Tesla’s online store, not far from the $150 Tesla carafe. It is already out of stock almost an hour after the announcement. To the delight of resellers, who drive up the prices in cascade. On Ebay, some even hope to sell it for more than 2000 dollars.

Elon Musk, always teasing his competitors, also tweeted: “Don’t waste your money on that stupid Apple rag, buy our whistle instead!”. The CEO is referring here to the iPhone maker’s microfiber polishing cloth, which went on sale last month for $19.

It seems that the communication operation worked. The billionaire has grasped the scope of each of his ads very well, seeing it as a very profitable way to promote the work of his companies.

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