Tesla, Amazon, Citigroup… American companies help their employees who want an abortion

The company Tesla, based in Texas, “will now cover the travel costs of its employees forced to go to abortions in bordering states”, report it New York Times.

In its recently published 2021 impact report, the company underlines that it has already started to offer support for “travel and accommodation expenses for those of its employees who would need to resort to health care not available in the State in which they work”, explains the newspaper.

“Travel expenses for health care”

Elon Musk’s company, which announced it was moving its headquarters to Austin last October, joins the ranks of“a number of American companies that have decided to cover travel costs for health care”, especially for their employees based in Texas. In this state, the new law that came into force last November prohibits any abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy, recalls for its part the Wall Street Journal.

The New York financial daily also reviews the various companies that have recently decided to extend the health guarantees offered to their employees to include access to abortion. These include Amazon, Citigroup, Yelp, Apple, Levi Strauss and the Match group, which owns the Tinder and OkCupid dating apps.

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