Telegram claims Apple ‘intentionally crippled its web apps’ in Safari

While Apple touts that its ecosystem offers more privacy and security, many experts and critics believe the Cupertino giant is restricting opportunities for developers to innovate and compete in the marketplace.

Likewise, Telegram founder and CEO Pavel Durov recently publicly attacked Apple, criticizing restrictions on developer options in the iOS version of Safari.

For those unaware, Apple is currently under investigation by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which will determine the company’s market power in the mobile browser sector. The CMA says Apple is blocking users from getting alternatives to its own Safari mobile web browser on iOS.

Citing this survey, Pavel Durov recently took to his official Telegram channel to publicly criticize Safari on iOS and point out how the company restricts developer options for the web.

In his message, Durov mentions that Telegram’s web team has shared a 10-point list of Safari issues that make it one of the worst mobile browsers out there. Additionally, he said that despite developer complaints, Apple has been unwilling to fix these issues for years.

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Durov and his Telegram team believe that Apple is intentionally crippling its web apps to force its users to download more native apps from the App Store. This allows the company to make more money from its mandatory 30% App Store commission, which is much criticized. Now that Apple is facing an investigation into the same from the British watchdog, Durov says that “this is an accurate summary and I hope regulatory action will follow soon“.

It’s sad that, more than a decade after the death of Steve Job, a company that revolutionized the mobile web has become his biggest obstacleconcludes Durov.

The UK authorities’ CMA panel is to investigate Apple’s App Store policies and restrictions for the next 18 months.

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