Apple would count on the pressure of its customers to impose the new CarPlay

The brand new CarPlay presented at WWDC was a surprise. If the rumor had already considered the hypothesis of a system better integrated into the cars, we did not expect a complete system which takes over that of the car and manages all the screens. What Apple showed off last week looks a lot more … Read more

WWDC22: Apple should prepare the software ground for its mixed reality headset

If Apple should not lift the veil on its mixed reality headset during the WWDC keynote, on the other hand the manufacturer could sow some clues about the existence of this product in the software updates expected this evening. Mark Gurman gives some details in his newsletter. Hollywood content for Apple’s mixed reality headset? This … Read more

WWDC22: participation of Apple headphones still uncertain

Apple’s mixed reality headset shouldn’t be on the menu at the next WWDC, valued analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. There is still a long time before this product enters production in volumes conducive to commercialization. Concept: Antonio De Rosa We would still have to wait until 2023, to the chagrin of Apple’s competitors who are certainly wondering … Read more

A16 and M2, a marketing evolution for Apple’s 2022 processors?

The next generations of processors for the iPhone 14 as well as the MacBook Air may not widen the gap with the A16 and M1, given TSMC’s manufacturing schedule. Last week, the Twitter account ShrimpApplePro suggested that the A16 of the next iPhone 14 would continue to use TSMC’s 5 nm manufacturing and engraving process, … Read more

Apple launched in a race against time to release the iPhone 14 at the start of the school year

The preparation of the new range of iPhone would not go as planned. At least one of the iPhone 14s would have been delayed and Apple’s subcontractors must now work hard to make a back-to-school launch possible. According to Nikkei Asia which provides a detailed account of the situation, Apple was caught off guard by … Read more

Electronic Arts reportedly approached Apple to discuss merger

The consolidation movement in the video game market is probably not over. After Bethesda and Activision Blizzard now in Microsoft’s big pocket, after Bungie fell into Sony’s handshake, or even the Embracer group’s craving for the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex franchises, the next big blow could come from ‘Electronic Arts. CC BY-SA 3.0 The … Read more

Apple’s mixed reality headset would be little focused on video games

Every day brings its share of sometimes contradictory rumors around Apple’s mixed reality headset. The Informationalready at work this week, adds a layer of it with a new article which gives some additional details on the development of the product. Concept Antonio De Rosa A design that would always involve Jony Ive. The former chief … Read more