Apple details how its dual USB-C charger works

Following the launch of its 35W dual USB-C charger yesterday on the Apple Store (€65), Apple has published a sheet detailing how charging works when two devices are plugged in. If a Mac is plugged in with an iPhone or iPad, both devices get 17.5W of power, and that’s two even if it’s an iPhone … Read more

Apple chips engraved in 2 nanometers in 2025

Apple’s ARM processors are made in Taiwan by the TSMC foundry. Currently, Apple Silicon chips are engraved with a fineness of 5 nanometers and this has been the case for two years. With its Apple M2 chip, Apple had to settle for an improved version of TSMC’s N5 process, called N5P. The development of the … Read more

Apple TV+ will broadcast American football

After American baseball with MLB, it’s American football’s turn to put on its cleats on Apple TV+: Apple has just announced a ten-year partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS) to broadcast the entire major league soccer (football played on foot) starting in 2023. As with baseball, there will be live games as well as additional … Read more

Apple Store: replacing the battery of your MacBook costs a little more

Without warning, Apple recently increased the price of out-of-warranty battery replacement for its laptops in the Apple Store. For a MacBook Pro (all models combined) or a 12″ MacBook, it now costs €229 instead of €209. For a MacBook Air, you now have to spend €149 compared to €139 previously. The interior of the 2021 … Read more

AirPlay soon supported on Tesla?

What if Tesla vehicles supported AirPlay? It happens regularly that the boss of Tesla responds on Twitter to users claiming this or that new feature. This time it concerns Tesla’s audio system which relies on Bluetooth to send music to the car’s sound system from its smartphone: the bandwidth provided by this technology is not … Read more

Apple trademarks realityOS

Apple has already registered the realityOS trademark, which designates the operating system that will equip its future mixed reality headset. This is Parker Ortolani who spotted the recording, which Apple as usual tried to do discreetly thanks to a front company. The trademark was registered in the United States on December 8, 2021 by a … Read more

Not much progress for the Apple A16 chip?

We already knew that Apple could not use TSMC’s 3 nanometers for its Apple A16 chip, the Taiwanese foundryman having fallen too far behind in the development of this new fine engraving. It was thought that Apple could fall back on an intermediate etching of 4 nanometers, but the sources of ShrimpApplePro (@VNchocoTaco) indicate that … Read more

iPod touch disappears from Apple’s website

This time, it’s definitely the end for the iPod: Apple withdrew the iPod touch from sale last night and the pages devoted to this latest model have been removed from the Apple Store online. Apple had announced the stop of the iPod touch on May 10, the player remaining on sale until the exhaustion of … Read more

Apple confirms June 6 inaugural conference

WWDC 2022 will take place from June 6 to 10 and will begin like every year with an inaugural conference that will allow Apple to present the future of its various platforms. Apple has just announced that this keynote will take place on Monday, June 6 at 10 a.m. local time, which brings us to … Read more

Apple would like to replace the keyboard and buttons of MacBooks with invisible input areas

Apple would have the idea to change the aesthetics of MacBooks according to a patent application filed by the brand. The US Patent and Trademark Office has revealed that Apple has issued a patent titled “Concealable Entry Region for an Electronic Device” which may refer to micro-perforations to detect entry, which would lead to removal … Read more