Apple formalizes the automatic renewal of subscriptions in the event of a price increase, subject to conditions

If a subscription taken out in an application increases, the user must explicitly accept the increase; this goes through a modal window and a button to touch to confirm consent. In the absence of a green light, the subscription will stop at the next billing. That will change, as Apple announced in a developer communication. … Read more

Apple still has a say in the price of in-app purchases and subscriptions

The years pass and the validation of the App Store does not evolve in certain aspects. The proof again with the recent iOS app rejection media The Information, a rejection justified by the team in charge of validation by the price deemed too high for one of the in-app subscriptions offered by the app. To … Read more

Apple explains the brutal spring cleaning of the App Store

One month before the opening of WWDC, Apple wants to avoid a new controversy with developers. The spring cleaning that has made headlines in recent days has probably given the wrong role to the builder, which is why the latter wanted to communicate with its community of devs through a “clarification”. Two apps that Apple … Read more

App Store: Apple is preparing a decried spring cleaning

Apple is preparing to remove apps from the App Store that have not been updated for several years. Several developers have received a warning to this effect in recent days. “This application has not been updated for a long time and will be removed from sale in 30 days”, says Apple by email. The only … Read more

Apple’s new App Store policy leads to developer dissatisfaction

The App Store continues to stir controversy with developers. As always, it’s the policies Apple has put in place for its app store for iOS users that aren’t to everyone’s liking. After the antitrust allegations made against the old policies, it’s App Improvement’s turn to face the slingshot of the developers. ©ymgerman/123RF.COM Many of them … Read more

Apple TV and FiLMiC Pro join Adobe’s collaborative platform

Apple TV and the FiLMiC Pro app on iPhone are among the new features announced by, this collaborative platform for filmmakers and video editors. Last summer, Adobe bought and since then this service has been integrated into more and more hardware and software so that their users can share images or film clips … Read more

Apple pays for a study that crucifies its own apps but…

Analysis Group has published the results of a study conducted on the Apple App Store called “The success of third-party applications on the App Store”. A study that was commissioned by Apple to take the temperature of its application market. In total, these are 48 pages which draw up a fairly severe assessment for Apple … Read more