Suspected of containing metal, baguettes recalled by Lidl

The “rustic cereal” baguette sold by the Lidl brand between May 3 and Friday May 13 is concerned.

The retail sector is again affected by a recall concerning food products. This time, it is the German company Lidl which is concerned. The brand has decided to recall “rustic cereal” bread sticks weighing 250 grams and sold at the beginning of May in France.

The entire French territory is affected by these recalls, due to the risk for consumers. In the reminder sheet published by the government services, it is notably indicated that there is a “risk of the presence of a metallic foreign body”.

For customers still in possession of these chopsticks, it is advisable to return products with the reference “GTIN 4056489495017” as part of a refund.

Consumers can also contact a telephone line to obtain more information: this is 0800.900.343.

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