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Hello I took a mac m1 some time ago and I have an old presonus firestudio mobile which is in firewire. Good with regard to the price of each adapter to be able to connect in firewire on the mac as much from a new sound card. I need 2 inputs to directly connect a digitakt and a microfreak connected to Logic pro. I’m torn between 2 things.

Either I buy a second-hand USB 2 sound card (type 2i2 2nd generation or a ur 22 mkii etc.)
Either I take the same type of sound card in usb 3

I find it hard to know if the usb 3 versions are just marketing, where is there really a big difference, especially in terms of stability, with the mac m1 compared to Intel? (I’m on big on)
What about latency too?

Thank you for your feedback

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