Some BMW models lacking Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Wi-fi

If the decision is intended to be temporary, it could upset more than one BMW brand customer.

Affected by the shortage of electronic components, BMW has thus chosen to change supplier for certain components, including the electronic chips that run its infotainment system. Problem, the chip currently integrated in some BMW does not allow access to certain features such as Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and even Wi-Fi.

A situation that results in the delivery of vehicles temporarily without these features to customers, as Phil Dilanni, BMW spokesperson, points out: “ Rather than delaying the production and delivery of these cars until the end of development on the software update, we decided to deliver their cars to customers. »

This applies to vehicles whose production code mentions “6P1”. Vehicles manufactured during the first quarter and intended for several markets around the world: United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain.

The customers concerned can be reassured, an automatic update (OTA) is planned in a few weeks to solve the problem and restore all of the interface’s functionalities without having to go through the dealership.

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