Samsung also wants to make Tesla’s 4680 batteries

Apparently, Samsung intends to join the list of suppliers of Tesla’s new 4680 batteries. The South Korean company is working on setting up a pilot production line to test and verify batteries later this year The Electric.

The production line in question will be located at the Samsung SDI factory in Cheonan, South Korea. It will have an annual capacity of less than 1 GWh, but could be increased to a capacity of 8 to 12 GWh per year. However, mass production would not take place at this facility.

If Tesla finally greenlights Samsung as a 4680 battery supplier, the Asians’ intention would be this move the manufacturing process to Malaysia specifically at its existing battery factory in Seremban.

According to the report, Samsung is not only working on the production of the new batteries developed by Elon Musk’s company. She also prepares a version ordered by BMW which, like Tesla’s, is a cylinder with a bore of 46 millimeters; however, that of the German manufacturer is slightly shorter.

Samsung targets Tesla’s 4680 batteries, joining Panasonic and LG

It’s no coincidence that Samsung SDI invests a significant portion of its interest in Tesla’s 4680 batteries. Two other companies are already working with the American electric car manufacturer to meet expectations regarding the implementation of this new type of battery.

panasonic would have committed an investment estimated at 700 million euros this year to expand its facilities in Japan in order to start mass produce them in 2023. In fact, in early June, the Japanese manufacturer sent Tesla some samples of its 4680 as part of the pre-production process.

In recent weeks, meanwhile, LG has also committed a significant sum of 450 million euros to add a production capacity of 9 GWh for these new batteries at one of its factories in Ochang, South Korea.

It should be noted that Tesla already produces its own 4680 batteries, and even has already implemented them in the Y model which is made in Texas, USA. However, the plans of Elon Musk’s company are very ambitious and it is expected that it will also be adopted in other models, such as the long-delayed Cybertruck.
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As things stand, Americans know they are still dependent on third parties to meet their expectations. Let’s not forget that 4680 batteries were introduced at the battery day in September 2020. During his presentation, Elon Musk claimed that these new batteries are five times denser and six times more powerful than the 2170 up to 15% more autonomy in their electric cars.

More suppliers, more batteries

For now, it makes sense for Samsung to join the list of potential 4680 battery suppliers for Tesla. It makes the words of RJ Scaringe the CEO of Rivian who predicted that the lack of battery could be a very serious problem in the near future, as the demand for electric cars continues to grow.

“A small imbalance in the demand for semiconductors has led to compulsive buying by some multinationals which has resulted in a crisis that continues to affect many industries, including automotive. The same will happen with batteries, but exponentially.”

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