Right to abortion: Google allows its employees to change state (US), “without justification”

By removing thestoppage Roe vs. Wade, the US Supreme Court has just withdrawn the constitutional right to abortion for the entire US territory, with each state now being the sole decision maker of pro or anti-abortion laws. This historic setback to women’s rights has been widely criticized around the world, and in the United States, a certain form of “resistance” is already being organized to guarantee that women in the most ultra-conservative states can still enjoy the rights fundamentals on their body.

Google was one of the fastest GAFAs to position itself in the face of the Supreme Court’s decision: just hours after the Roe v Wade judgment was overturned, the director of human resources Fiona Cicconi sent a missive to the group’s employees to inform them of the measures that Google intends to take with immediate effect. It is thus recalled that all health, transport and accommodation costs will be borne by the company when women in the group have to change state to have an abortion.

Google goes even further and ensures that employees who wish to change state (in other words, leave an ultra-conservative state) will now be able to do so. “without justification”. Finally, Fiona Cicconi ensures that sessions for “Googlers” (Google employees) will be organized in the coming days to discuss the situation.

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