record of deaths and accidents in Autopilot

US federal regulators have just unveiled a first and macabre report on semi-automatic driving. Of 392 accidents declared in 10 months, all brands combined, 273 took place on board a Tesla. The authorities count 6 dead and 5 seriously injured in total.

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Bad press for Tesla and the semi-automatic driving of its vehicles. In the United States, federal regulators unveil a macabre record. Within ten months, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will have recorded 392 accidents related to semi-automatic driving, with six dead and five seriously injured. Tesla vehicles are at the top of the list, while Autopilot is suspected to have caused three new deaths.

Of 392 reported accidents, 273 were driving a Tesla

You’re herewhich ensured that the Autopilot was ten times safer than a conventional car, therefore saves 273 accidents out of 392within ten months. Honda comes far behind, with 90 incidents. These results mark the first major account of accidents related to semi-automatic driving : they provide a striking, albeit limited, insight into the impact of this technology.

116 damaged cars out of the 392 reported are collisions with another vehiclewhile at least four involved a ” vulnerable road user », such as a pedestrian or a cyclist. In total, vehicles equipped with a ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) collided with at least one cyclist, three pedestrians, 20 poles (or trees) and 10 animals.

The majority of reported accidents occurred in California. The country’s most populous state accounted for 125 of the reported incidents. Florida came second with 33 incidents, followed by Texas and New York with 33 and 30, respectively.

The level 2 advanced driver assistance system questioned

The data, released Wednesday, comes from self-reported accident data, on roads accessible to the public. Automakers are required to submit incident reports whenever an ADAS Level 2 is used within 30 seconds of an accident.

A ADAS Level 2 corresponds to when the driver does not always have his hands on the wheel. The various driver assistance systems perform tasks independently of the driver (lane departure warning, maintaining the safety distance, etc.).

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If Tesla makes it to the top of this list, it does not mean that their technologies are less secure than those of their competitors. On the one hand, Tesla’s Autopilot function is among the most widely used ADAS technologies in the world. It is therefore natural that the firm represents the largest share of accidents.

On the other hand, NHTSA claims that some automakers equipped with telematics capabilities (like Tesla) are better equipped than others to share accident data. In some cases, the same report may have been reported multiple times.

However, these results do not bode well for Tesla, which assured that the Autopilot involved 9 times fewer accidents than other cars, in January. The firm has been insisting for several years that autonomous driving technology is an integral part of the company’s long-term vision. Elon Musk also reiterated this belief this week, during an interview with Kilowatts published on YouTube.

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