Real Madrid, PSG – Mercato: big revelations about the negotiations between the Mbappé clan and Florentino Pérez

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In light of what El Pais writes this Sunday, we can conclude that the visit of Kylian Mbappé’s mother to Doha in recent days looks like a huge pressure blow to Florentino Pérez. Because there is no doubt that the striker wants to join Real Madrid, but not at any club. As in the France team, the question of image rights is taken very seriously by the world champion and his clan, who do not intend to follow the rule imposed on everyone.

The Mbappé club did not know that it had to sit on 50% of the image rights

But let’s start at the beginning. According to El Pais, after knocking PSG out of the Champions League, Real Madrid made their fourth and final offer to Kylian Mbappé: a €180m signing bonus, which is what he was willing to pay in compensation last summer to recruit him, €40 million net annual salary and 50% of image rights. It is obviously this last point that would have made the Mbappé wince, aware that in the future, they could reach 70 M€ annual advertising revenue. And so that on arrival, Real Madrid would earn money on the back of his player since the club will also attract sponsors thanks to him.

Kylian Mbappé’s lawyers were very surprised by this 50% image rights clause because, for two years that they have been actively negotiating with Real Madrid, they had never heard of it. However, this has been the norm since Florentino Pérez arrived at the head of the Merengue in 2000. This is why PSG, which had given up at the end of winter, is once again in a strong position. The Mbappé clan revived him for an extension. Or pretended to revive it, just to put pressure on Florentino Pérez. In any case, according to El Pais, the native of Bondy has still not made his choice between “two imperfect proposals”, that of Real Madrid which sees him sitting on part of his advertising revenue and that of PSG with a wobbly sports project…

to summarize

The Spanish daily El Pais revealed why Kylian Mbappé and his relatives had relaunched PSG for an extension. Real Madrid has made a golden offer to the striker but one thing bothers him, as in the France team: image rights.

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